Activ Technologies is at the forefront of Supply Network development. Since 2011 Activ Technologies has focused its resources on the development of a SaaS Collaboration and Demand Visibility Solution called Harmony.  Harmony is unique in the industry, providing communication and collaboration between OEMs, Tier-1 Suppliers and throughout the supply network. Harmony is built on the reality that all tiers need better actionable information to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.  Existing ERP systems are not flexible enough, take too long to fully deploy or lack this functionality altogether.  Harmony has real positive impact on inventory levels, inventory turns, schedule change management and planning, payment cycles, capacity planning and visibility and freight expediting expenditure.



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Harmony provides solutions you can use every day:

  • Do you have visibility into your supplier's production activity, capacity or capability?
  • Are you looking for a solution to manage all your customer demand from a single interface?
  • Do you need a solution to reduce inventory?
  • Would you like to increase your shipping performance?
  ERP Integration

Harmony integrates into your ERP system to:

  • Provide better supply chain visibility for both you and your customers
  • Optimize your MRP processes by eliminating duplication and "wipe and reload".
  • Eliminate the time and effort your staff wastes on immaterial schedule changes.
  • Reduce time you spend on S&OP and RCCP while increasing the benefit you receive.

Activ Technologies has been building world class supply chain solutions for some of the largest global companies for a number of years. Our newest product, Harmony, incorporates all the expertise we have accumulated over the years. We ensure all our solutions provide the measureable performance improvement and maximum benefit to all parties involved in any supply network transaction.


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“Efficiency, responsiveness, and reliability have always been our goals, and with this solution, we are well on the way to exceeding those goals.”


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