Noteworthy Insights from The State of Manufacturing Technology, 2015

In a recently published report, the State of Manufacturing Technology released new data pointing to the correlation between cloud technology and innovation, a trend expected to rise over the next five years. Here are some key takeaways as published in today's Forbes article

  • 40% of manufacturers interviewed draw a direct correlation between cloud technologies and their ability to innovate during the next five years
  • 66% of manufacturers say that cloud technologies have already improved insights into their business
  • 93% of manufacturers are using consumer tablets in their manufacturing operations
  • 90% of manufacturers interviewed said that data security improved with the adoption of professionally managed cloud solutions.
  • 81% of manufacturers say that having a scalable, secure cloud platform improved mobile access to data.
  • 74% have better process integration with external stakeholders as a result of adopting cloud applications. Manufacturers mentioned other process-integration benefits of cloud applications, such as enabling on-boarding suppliers more efficiently, tracking and maintaining equipment, and more effectively managing facilities.
  • 77% expect to increase plant or enterprise integration investments. The following graphic compares what initiatives manufacturers will be able to undertake in the next five years as a result of cloud technologies:

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