Harmony is a highly configurable, cloud-based, collaborative platform for all participants in the supply network. On one platform, all users can see and manage demand, inventory, order, shipment, capacity and schedules. 

Browse our dashboards below to learn how this platform harmonizes the supply network


  • Real-time calculations of capacity constraints based on new demand signals
  • Calculates new demand signals against current inventory levels
  • Input from multiple systems accepted and normalized into a single standard format
  • Real-time visibility into shipping performance to help supplier manage fluctuating requirements


  • Automated visibility of schedules and net changes
  • Dramatically improved collaboration and planning between participants
  • Shortened time, effort, and manual intervention required to detect changes in schedules
  • Improved communication and reaction time
  • ASN verification, error correction and management to decrease payment time, reducing DSO
  • Quick-to-deploy, easy-to-use, and immediate views of demand, resulting in lower costs
Harmony enables improved demand management and supplier visibility for all parties at a granular level on production execution, manufacturing schedules, and fulfillment capabilities.
— Lora Cecere, Supply Chain Insights

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